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 "...HMD was founded beetween 1988-1989 by SkyRace and GlUEV ,during a phone discussion they spoke about HEMOROIDS as a groupname. For the record, skyRace (14 years old at this time) thought that hemoroids name a star, and thought it sounded good has his ear, it was far from the true origin of the word ;)). Quickly the group produced lot of several small productions. In 1990 HMD made his real first big production participating at the demo-competion organized by 'GENERATION 4' ,a french game-video magazine. But the production which made HMD known was the Hemosound and later hemosound 2 (An ATARI demo with Amiga mods, those who changed the famous soundchip).

It was fashion in the early 90 to make alliances with other groups. We were in two alliances: The Stranglers (HMD+FUZION+IMPACT) and The Guild (HMD+IMPACT). Like all cooperations between groups, we keep very good memories and lots of fun little stories.

The group also participated in many megademos (demo with several screens of different groups) as exemple Phaleon Gigademo by NEXT (originally it was a project of The Replicants) or The European demo of THE OVERLANDERS. Between 1990-1991, new members have arrived, including SINK wich taken over SkyRace (as leader) that they left the group (for the focus on another computer scene, Cracking and Hacking ). Gluev (one of the original founder) was kicked

New era, new members, only SINK was a member at the first generation of the group. At that time in france, there is a way for people to communicate much like IRC. This was the famous MINITEL, especially RTEL, the server on which the whole French scene used to discuss and exchange information. This is where SINK met a futur member of the group STRANGER. Their first meeting took place at a party copy (very frequently at that time). The current went on between them. The scene at the time was at its highest level.

Soon, thanks to their many contacts, they have managed to put a group or to join other group in their ranks such as ST KNIGHTS. The reputation of the group one step further with production increasing qualities as DENTRO, COLORZ NECROSYS, etc... The group also included the famous magazine AMAZINE (1 single number) or a series of compilations under the name of SPEEDY PACK.

The group was present at every party on ST and then a lot happened in France (for ST) of the Transbeauce to MEGAFUN, you were very lucky to be one of cross members. But after several years of dedication to the demo and ST, with the arrival of new machinery or the desire to do something else, the group ceased all productions (like all others scene group). It was a great experience for all and remember full head!

The Amiga section was created near spring of the year 1992 by STC(who was on Nemesis demo-section called Willow). The idea was to create a cool crew in answer to those sceners who were so serious in the amiga scene. Sum members from the old french section of Quartz joined and HMD-AMIGA started to make some little productions and famous packs TCP.

The crew made some nice prods such as Woualaran which was a technical hard-coding trackmo but HMD's coders were very very vert lazy ;-). Among the members of this section two have been more successful than others : MADE for its superb drawings and Gryzor who later coded Pro-Wizard and made the cool "MOds Anthology" CDs!.

Between 1993-1994, a section PC was created by Black Label, with some fine production like exemple Lost in Space ( 9th at the Party 3). Marco Polo was an active member, thanks to articles on the demo in the ST-MAG and A.C.E BBS. But from 1994 the differents sections stopped one after others by lack of time, motivations, etc... the last jump was the demo Geranium on Falcon (atari) in 1995 in cooperation with EKO (1st at the Gasp party).

Surprise!! we are back in 2013... with full of new members as Angel,Kelly x,Pandafox,Ayoros,Shooters and Wieczor. And we are on 2 platforms Atari ST and Codef(100% javascrit) now. We took part in the most famous party such as the Revision, STNICCC and Silly Venture. Always for the same purpose, to have a good time without pretension.


You can find in the Productions section the list of all our latest demos such as the return on Atari or the Raiders of the Lost Duke always on Atari as well as various demos in JavaScript. There is also the superb poster with all the groups that participated in the Atari scene. The adventure continues...

...Preparation H is good for you!!...